Below you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact us.


Questions about your registry and its features.


Questions about purchasing a gift.


How does EasyRegistry work for our guests?

It couldn't be easier. Your family and friends simply browse the gifts you suggest, make a selection and contribute as much as they like through one of several payment options. They are also able to leave a message with their gift.

How much does the EasyRegistry service cost?

It's free to sign up and create your registry.

  • Receive cash and bank transfer payments for free.

When you sign up you'll receive a 14 day trial of our Premium plan. After 14 days, or when your first gift payment is received, or a week before your event (whichever is sooner) - you'll need to pay a one time EUR20 fee to continue using Premium features, including:

  • Paypal payments. Note that Paypal charges you a small fee to accept online payments. This is not charged by EasyRegistry.

  • Credit card payments. Note that these transactions attract a processing fee from our payment process Stripe. This is not charged by EasyRegistry. You can view current prices here: Stripe fees It usually works out cheaper than Paypal.

  • Email notifications of gift purchases.

  • A cover image for your registry.

  • For more information see our Pricing page for a detailed comparison of our plans

How will we receive our gifts?

You will receive payments from your guests via EasyRegistry through Stripe - our secure credit card processor. Stripe will transfer the funds directly to your bank account via your choice of a manual or regular payment. You can use this money to purchase the gifts yourselves. EasyRegistry is not involved in purchasing or shipping gifts.

How do we know who has made which contribution (so we can thank them later) and is there is an option for guests to leave messages.

Yes and yes! Guests can leave messages when they purchase a gift. In your admin portal you can see a list of every contribution (which guest, which gift, how much, etc) along with their message.

Our Premium registry also gives you the option of receiving email notifications immediately after a gift is purchased.

Are you able to add longer descriptions to gifts at all? On the sample registries it seemed to be just "Flights" or "Suitcases" etc.

Yes, you can add detailed descriptions to gifts - you can write as many paragraphs as you wish to describe it. These descriptions are shown when the guest clicks in to the gift.

Can we choose our own URL?

When you register you'll have complete freedom to choose a URL, so long as it isn't taken by another registry.

Can you help us with gift ideas?

We can. When you register we give you the option to select from some of our most popular gifts.

What currency can we accept gift payments in?

With the 'Credit Card' payment option enabled on your registry you can accept gift payments in over 10 different currencies, including Australian Dollar (AUD), United States Dollar (USD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), British Pound (GBP), Euros (EUR), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Swiss Francs (CHF), Singapore Dollar (SGD), South African Rand (ZAR), Fiji Dollar (FJD), Indian Rupee (INR)

Your guest's credit card will be charged in the currency they choose. Our credit card gateway will convert this in to your default currency before it is transferred to your bank account.

Are guests charged for currency conversion fees?

Guests aren't charged any fees when making a credit card payment in any of our supported currencies. Our payment gateway converts the funds to your local currency on the day the payment is processed (at great rates). Our payment processor Stripe deducts a small processing fee off the EUR amount.

When are the credit card payments transferred to us?

When a guest pays via credit card, EasyRegistry processes the payments through Stripe. These funds will be transferred to you via Stripe when you close your registry.

Can my registry accept gifts using PayID?

Yes! If there is a Payment Methods section in your Admin page to enter your PayID Bank details. If guests choose to pay with Bank Transfer these details will be shown to guests. You will receive their gift immediately in your bank account!

Is EasyRegistry related to Easy Weddings?

No, we are an independent company.


How do I use EasyRegistry?

Simply browse the gifts suggested by the couple and select the one you'd like to contribute to. You can then choose from the available payment options and contribute as much as you'd like. Don't worry if you offer less than the full price. Other guests will make up the difference. Be sure to also leave a message with your gift!

How do I make a payment?

This depends on the registry type and the choice of the couple. You can always pay through cash and bank transfers, and if a it's a Premium registry then the couple may choose to accept PayPal or credit card payments.

Can I purchase the gift myself?

Yes! Just be sure to select the full price of the gift and choose the 'Buy this gift myself' option. Then you'll be free to purchase and deliver the gift yourself.

What currency can I pay in?

Depending on the registry, the couple may accept 'Credit Card' payments in which case you can choose to pay in over 10 different currencies, including Australian Dollar (AUD), United States Dollar (USD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), British Pound (GBP), Euros (EUR), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Singapore Dollar (SGD), South African Rand (ZAR), Fiji Dollar (FJD), Indian Rupee (INR)

Your credit card will be charged in the currency you choose, so you won't need to pay any currency conversion fees!

Can I transfer using PayID?

Yes! If the registry owner has entered their PayID Bank details then you will be shown that option after you choose the Bank Transfer payment method. They will receive your gift immediately!